CPSC 314, Introduction to Computer Graphics
Winter Term 2 (Jan-Apr), 2011
University of British Columbia

Instructor: Wolfgang Heidrich


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Organizational details

Lectures: M/W/F, 1-2pm, Dempster 301
Labs: M 2-3pm (Ernesto), Tu 1-2pm (Anika), F noon-1pm (Caoyu), ICICS 005
Instructor Office Hours: Monday, noon-1pm, ICICS x649
Grade reporting and buletin board: WebCT
Course Policies: policies on plagiarism and missed work
UBC Course Calendar: page for 314

Syllabus & Slides

Schedule and reading list are subject to change.

Assignments and Homework Problems



The lectures draw on many other graphics courses and books, listed here in rough order from heavy influence to light influence:

Hall of Fame

Previous Course Offerings