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CPSC 424 is an advanced computer graphics course focussed on geometric modeling, i.e. creation and manipulation of shapes. The topics covered in this course are:
Introduction to curves and surfaces, in particular splines, subdivision surfaces, polygonal meshes. Principles and mathematical foundations for representing complex geometry for computer graphics and numerical simulations. Practical applications of different modeling techniques.




Instructor Alla Sheffer  use email: sheffa@cs.ubc.ca for personal questions and discussion group for everything else (see note below)
Office hour Alla: Friday, 2-3 PM (or by appointment)   X651 (ICICS/CS)
See Piazza for TA office hours.
TA Jerry Yin; Jinfan Yang; Enrique Rosales; Willis Peng (Please use Piazza to contact the TAs)
Lectures Mon, Wed, Fri, 12PM-1PM, Dempster 110
Tutorial Mon 1PM-2PM or Mon 2PM-3PM or Tue 4PM-5PM Dempster 101
First class September 4, 2019
Discussion Board We will use a Piazza discussion group for non-personal communications. Note: If students have privacy concerns about the use of Piazza, let me (instructor) know and we will consider an alternative. Piazza is hosted outside Canada, thus if you use the current setup we will proceed on the assumption that you do not object to Piazza potentially identifying you personally, and that you are consenting to the storage of personal information on Piazza servers outside Canada
Weekly Quizzes The course will have weekly quizzes which will be posted on our Canvas page. The questions for the quizes will be selected among the review questions submitted by the students the week before. The deadline for submitting questions (via Piazza  cpsc424.) is Monday noon. The deadline for answering the quizes is Friday noon.
Midterms October 4, 2019 and November 1, 2019
Discussion Board link
Optional Textbooks

Curves and Surfaces in Geometric Modeling: Theory and Algorithms
Jean Gallier
Morgan Kaufmann ; ISBN: 1558605991

Polygonal Mesh Processing,
Botsch, Kobbelt, Pauly, Alliez, Levy,
AK Peters

Prerequisites CPSC 320 and one of MATH 152, MATH 221, MATH 223 and one of MATH 200, MATH 217, MATH 226, MATH 253.